Here are some Famous 'Celebrious' Quotes for you to Reminisce

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Today's Day & Date: Monday the 5th of December 2022.

1. a). ''Our lives can become much better if we really want them to.'' ''Success breeds success. Failure breeds failure.'' ''Successful people deserve success; like I DESERVE success.'' ''People cannot & will not ever change unless they really do want to change. Accomplishing this they can change their ways.'' ''Can a leopard change its spots? No. Of course, they cannot & they will not.''

1. b). ''Never introduce a negative into your own SEPARATE individual personal life, workplace, Business and/or Company Organisation. But INSTEAD & as another way or method to actually do something & to actually achieve something always think about all the very very good positive idealistic things within your very own personal life; the life of your family & your partner's life.''

1. c). ''Single people or families should always or must always pay their bills or their creditors or people who are owed money etc - as well; immediately or straight away first before they pay themselves from any money etc that they may or may not receive. Doing this may ensure your success now today and/or in the future. All people who do not do this as outlined above; are certain or are fairly sure of a high probability rate to fail, or not succeed at something and/or all they attempt to do now and/or in the future.'' 

1. d). "As they say in life if it ain't broke don't or do not fix it." I say this instead: "If it ain't broke, fix it!"

1. e). "Successful people as available to be found anywhere in the World; do definitely know how to very well manage, use or demonstrate or spend efficiently & maintain their own personal individual money, their family money, or other available money and/or their resources, skills, aptitude, attitude, physical health & activity time. This is the only reason as to why they are successful."

1. f). "Make an effort and/or a sustained effort or otherwise the lack of effort on your part will make your destination plainly obvious."

1. g). "Successful people do what successful people do. Unsuccessful people do what unsuccessful people do."

1. h). "Successful people do want to succeed in life & do want to be successful. It is very easy for these same types of people to be successful. It is much easier for these same people themselves, to be successful than to be unsuccessful. It is very difficult for these same people to be unsuccessful." 

1. i). "Unsuccessful people do not want to succeed in life & do not want to be successful. It is very easy for these same types of people to be unsuccessful. It is much easier for these same people themselves, to be unsuccessful than to be successful. It is very difficult for these same people to be successful."

1. j). "A winner at anything attempted in life wins because he or she wants to win & they both know how to win with much ease."

1. k). "Success in life is easy when you know how to succeed in life."

1. l). "Every person in the entire World whether man or woman; male or female lives according to their chosen lifestyle pattern. For you to become successful in your life endeavours, just make sure that this pattern that you do choose, does lead you to success & not a failure."

1. m). "Leaders do follow other people whether these people are followers or leaders. A real complete mature leader, however, leads all of the time. A follower may lead a given situation for a short time; but sometimes in life, a real complete mature leader is needed & is required to actually take the prominent lead, to make decisive correct decisions, instead of & opposite to incorrect decisions & not follow."

1. n). "Being efficient in our lives is the key to unlock the lock and/or the padlock of life, which can sometimes be caused by being inefficient during our lives."

1. o). "Once a person has been successful (i.e., success) at whatever or something that they have attempted to achieve or do in their life; there is a very real higher probability that they will be successful once again at whatever or something that they attempt to achieve or do in their life, rather than if they were not successful (i.e., failure) at these attempts."

1. p). "All people who are real leaders always lead themselves, other people and/or circumstances in life. All people who are real followers always follow themselves, other people and/or circumstances in life."

1. q). "Make the necessary effort in your life, otherwise any lack of effort on your part or your doing will surely make you."

1. r). "Either you yourself personally will provide you with the money and/or the resources necessary for you to live & enjoy your life or maybe one day another person or persons will do this for you. It is best if you make sure that it is you who is responsible for accomplishing the above."

1. s). "True genuine leadership is a lonely life. However, leadership is a very rewarding responsible thrilling exciting life."

1. t). "All people who do save their own personal money to the point where they have more money saved than what they actually do spend this money on (or in other words they spend less money than what they save); do greatly grow all economies throughout the World, due to & because of being able to effectively & efficiently invest this same saved money & then live on a predetermined rate or amount of an annuity money payment."

1. u). "All people who do not save their own personal money to the point where they have less money saved than what they actually do spend this money on (or in other words they spend more money than what they save); do not grow all economies throughout the World, due to & because of being unable to effectively & efficiently invest this same saved money & then live on a predetermined rate or amount of an annuity money payment." 

1. v). "All successful people as found anywhere in the World, do have extremely high respect & regard for all money they themselves earn, make or receive. This is the main primary reason as to why they are always successful & do not fail at whatever they attempt to do or put their hand to.''

1. w). "All unsuccessful people as found anywhere in the World, do not have any respect or regard whatsoever for any money they themselves earn, make or receive. This is the main primary reason as to why they are always unsuccessful & do not succeed at whatever they attempt to do or put their hand to." 

1. x). "Discipline. Your own personal correct or incorrect discipline in your life, will either make you or break you within your life. Make sure you correctly discipline yourself in all of the necessary activities that you do carry out if you do want to excel in these very same activities."

1. y). "I may be able to possibly sell anything worthwhile to any person." 

1. z). "I have learned very quickly in my life, to purposely listen very carefully & intently, to what another person or people (whether male and/or female) is or are actually saying or communicating with you & to you. This way & by accomplishing this, you may be able to learn vital information from this person or people, for the purpose and so as to implement this information into your own life & possibly improve 'out of sight' or in other words, by a large amount, your own personal self-development skills or skill set and/or your path or direction in your life."

2. "I deliberately on purpose choose to be successful in all areas of my everyday personal life. Every person can choose to be successful in their own individual everyday personal lives, in some areas or all areas. These same people can decide to become successful or to not become successful. This individual personal choice is entirely up to each individual person. Which choice will you choose? To be successful or to not be successful?" 

3. "To have an open realistic & meaningful purposeful mind about relevant events or happenings or occurrences in our lives, is a prerequisite to finding possible ongoing future happiness, success & contentment in your life & in life in general." 

4. "Habits. Your daily life habits will give you all of the direction in which way your life is headed or led. Due to this fact, make sure your habits are conducive of good habits & not bad habits, for the purpose & so you are able to receive all of the beneficial good your life can & will provide to you."

5. "Pattern. We all live our daily lives according to our actual chosen distinctive pattern we adhere to & follow within our lives. If your chosen pattern is a good beneficial pattern, then you will attract goodness & happiness within your life. If your chosen pattern is not a good beneficial pattern, then you will not attract goodness & happiness within your life."

6. "Some people may or may not say; oh It is too hard or too difficult to do this or do that. I say this instead, It is too easy to do this or do that. Which one of the above-mentioned two statements do you agree with?" 

7. "Success. Achieving success within some areas or all areas of your life is very difficult if you do not know how to actually succeed in these areas." 

8. "People. People who are always lazy within their lives will never become successful. People who are never lazy within their lives will always become successful." 

9. "You. You are either a follower or a leader. A follower follows other people. A leader leads other people. A follower has other people who always follow them. A leader has other people who always follow them. You will know for sure 100% whether, in fact, you are a leader or a follower. Which do you actually prefer, to be a leader or a follower? Only you can decide this for yourself, as to your own personal answer to this above-mentioned timely question." 

10. "Inventions & Designs. Once & upon yourself correctly 100% for sure does know all of the very minute precise details & the very preliminary rudimentary basics of how something; a device or a mechanism actually does work or function or is intended to function & operate; you can realistically & expeditiously exploit this same knowledge into usable real tangible beneficial end results, either for you yourself personally and/or another person, a large or a small group of other people & even another animal." 

11. "I can 100% for sure professionally & expeditiously invent & design anything throughout the World Worldwide, that is considered a realistic benefit & is actually meaningfully worthwhile of my expansive enduring ceaseless mindful efforts. It is easy for me to do this." 

12. "You purposely choose to either watch things happen within your own personal individual life & the World, or you make things positively definitely happen to your own personal individual life & the World. Which one of these two true factual statements is your choice? Only you can decide this." 

13. "In life; people who are winners will always attract other winners to themselves. Winners like to be with, around & to communicate with other winners. A winner instinctively knows a winner when they see or meet another winner & conversely, they also clearly know when they see or meet another person who is not a winner. People who are not winners in life; do not attract other winners to themselves for a long-term & they will always 100% for sure & certain do this. They are definitely inclined to be this way. This is true & correct. Believe it." 

14. "Nice friendly people from all walks of life or professions throughout the World, always like to, enjoy & are inclined to communicate with & be around or associate with other nice friendly people they come into contact with within their lives." 

15. "If you do the requisite work to become super-successful in your life; you will be paid or rewarded accordingly for your work input. If you do not do this; you will not. It is as simple & as straightforward as that."

16. "Every person must stay steadily intently focused & immensely concentrate on what they are currently doing & not focus on things they are to do next. Accomplishing this may very well result in your perfection. Simply focus on one thing or one item to do or complete at any one given time is my timely very important message here." 

17. "You personally yourself gaining & experiencing success is impossible if you have no idea how to actually create, achieve, fulfil & maintain success. I do know for sure & certain 100% guaranteed; how to simply, effectively & realistically accomplish this. Do you also?" 

18. "All successful people as found anywhere in the World; do know much about how to achieve success; that all unsuccessful people do not. Do you know for sure 100% guaranteed, what this simple & profound self-explanatory formula is about how to experience your possible success? I surely do." 

19. "Your success is always clearly found at the end & not the start or the beginning of any & all challenges you may possibly find during your very own personal unique journey to your success. If you persist hard enough & long enough; you may very well experience your very own success. True genuine honest real success is always definitely possible." 

20. "Your skills that you present to the World at large; is what will pay you in monetary terms or other terms. Make sure you have sufficient skills to be paid what you would like to be paid or need to be paid. If you do not have these selfsame skills; you can always learn these skills & implement or use these skills within your life, that you have learnt from other invaluable resources Worldwide, as you find it necessary to do so. This is easy for you; if indeed you would like it to be easy for you." 

21. "Today within our lives; for everyone, there is ample or enough of what we require & may like to obtain. Simply, meaningfully, correctly & consistently exert yourself with the required necessary knowledge, skill set & time-tested relevant broad range of timely experience, to partake of your desired share of this available plentiful abundance. Can you actually satisfactorily accomplish or do this? You may very well hope you can, at some stage in your life."

22. "Whatever you choose to do within your life; either as a Business or a Career, make sure for certain that it is bigger enough to provide & sustain you with sufficient wherewithal that you desire & require within your very own personal individual life." 

23. "If you owe any money WHATSOEVER to another person and/or Organisation throughout this World as a debt; you are definitely & surely broke! You are for certainty, living beyond your means! This is factual & true. Effectively organise your life; so you live debt-free & you will then have no need & no requirement whatsoever to borrow any money EVER from other sources. Yourself accomplishing this; will make more common sense & will quickly provide you with a simpler better lifestyle that is on offer to you throughout your life."

24. "Either you yourself personally from your very own individual real efforts; will provide enough sufficient resources (i.e., money, etc) for you to live well into the future, OR:- another person and/or other people may do so for you on your behalf. Make sure it is you, who provides sufficient tangible sustenance for yourself into your future. This makes simple real sense."

25. ''If something that you are trying to effectively achieve; does not correctly & effectively work the very first time that you would like to implement it, you must use an alternative method of whatever it is you are trying to achieve. If you do not do this; your valuable effort of time on your hopeful achievement is being wasted & squandered. It will rapidly & ultimately become unfruitful.''

26. "Ability. Either you have the innate natural ability to fulfil something or you do not. If you do have this ability; you can effectively enhance your ability, by studying & learning more about what it is you are able to achieve. If you do not have this ability, no amount of study or learning will give you this ability."

27. "A True Leader. A true leader will always every time; find out every one of the very smallest intricate details of whatever is presented to them, for the purpose to ascertain what is the correct decision that must be made as a result of their findings. A person (whether male or female) who is not a true leader; but instead a true follower, will not ever even once, carry out or do any of this real fact." 

28. "A Hesitation. If I or you ever even once receive a negative 'hesitation' comment about what you do as your chosen career or profession, then that person or group of people who gave you this negative comment, are completely unsuitable for whatever it is that you market or sell within your chosen career or profession. In other words, these same people will not EVER be a pleasing benefit to you and/or your Organisation in any way whatsoever. This is always applicable & is always true.''

29. "Within your everyday daily life, you yourself personally have and display a personal characteristic of either being a saver or a spender. Which type of these two personal characteristics do you have & exhibit? If you are a saver; then you will always have suitable ample provisions for yourself throughout your life. If instead, you are a spender; then you will not ever have these same provisions. This is forever true!" 

30. "If things within your life are not progressing the way you would like; always look into your bathroom mirror to see & view your reflection. Your reflection shown there; is who & what the actual real tangible problem is. It is always you. Always blame yourself & no one else ever!"

31. "Method. Your daily method of operation for what you do every day & every night; will determine your level of income that you receive. Make sure you carry out & fulfil the correct efficient tasks that will lead you to & will produce a complete satisfactory rewarding income for yourself."

32. "The people who are the savers within this entire World; power or benefit their economy, due to and because they do not under any circumstances whatsoever use any debt within their payments for what they require, would like to have or do. The spenders also fulfil this, but not ever to the same amount or degree that a saver will. A spender may use debt as a part or whole of their money payments for what they intend to purchase or buy. I am foremost a saver, but I am also a spender."

33. "A real true genuine leader will always make a pursuit happen or be fulfilled. A follower has no idea whatsoever about how to do & accomplish this or even the reason for doing so."

34. "Leadership. A real true genuine leader always knows by their innate instinct, the best possible way to eliminate unproductive time-wasting activities in all that they do within their life. These same leaders will when possible, teach this necessary skill to other people who are also a leader & then they too can benefit immensely from this essential life skill."

35. "If you borrow any money whatsoever to pay for whatever you need and/or you would like to have; in my way of thinking, you are definitely for sure 100% guaranteed living above your means. You are much better off financially, to pay for whatever you need and/or you would like to have or obtain, with money you cleverly have made as a financial profit, from any successful enterprise undertaking you have participated in & benefited from. Clearly, no thinking is required here."

36. "Incompetent versus competent. Today there are literally many many incompetent people throughout this entire World. These same incompetent people display the following very noticeable habitual traits or characteristics: 1. They have no idea whatsoever about the message you are trying to convey to them & they do not ever wish to know. 2. They have no time management skills whatsoever; or in other words, they never ever get things done or completed the way you would require & would like. 3. These same incompetent people are always & will always be this way forevermore in perpetuity. It is completely IMPOSSIBLE for them to be competent in any Business and/or Personal setting environment.

I have dealt with many many competent & incompetent people over the course of my lifetime. Only highly competent professional people will ever be involved in my Business & my Personal life. Incompetent people will not ever. It must always be this simple & straightforward way.

Are you a competent or incompetent person? Only you will know the real true answer to this timely question." 

37. "For you to effectively maintain success within your Business; it is imperative that all of your initial original same Business clients purchase from your Business again & again, beyond their initial purchase. If this does not occur or happen ever; you do not have a Business, but instead you have a complete utter personal time, energy & money wasting activity with its resultant experience for yourself as a Business Owner & any other Business Owner within your Business."

38. "A person, a Company Organisation, a Business Organisation and/or a Government located anywhere within this World; who borrows any money from any source whatsoever, for any purpose whatsoever, is surely broke & if they continue like this unchanged, they will always be broke forever more in perpetuity. This is a known fact."

39. "Profit. Only pure profit from within an enterprise is able to sustain the actual function & operation of any enterprise throughout this entire World. Debt. Only pure debt from within an enterprise is unable to sustain the actual function & operation of any enterprise throughout this entire World. Why is this? Because of the interest payable on any debt within an enterprise; will usually exceed any of the actual real tangible profit made from the function & operation of an enterprise throughout this entire World."

40. "If something is not working how you would like within your life; you must change what you are doing or did to produce that ineffective result. If you do not do this; then what you did to produce that ineffective result, will automatically surely always change you in the same way and as in the exact same manner, as what that ineffective result did." 

41. "Pure profit versus pure debt and/or pure costs. If the pure profit within an enterprise as found anywhere within this entire World; is always more than or greater than or exceeds any debt or costs associated with the function & operation of this enterprise, then the proprietor or proprietors of this enterprise, will never ever go broke and be broke. On the contrary; if the debt or costs associated with the function & operation of this enterprise, are always greater than or exceed the pure profit of this enterprise, then the proprietor or proprietors of this enterprise will always forever more go broke and be broke. It must be this way."

42. "It is completely impossible to alter the course of something that is malfunctioning unless you do actually really know how to rectify the malfunction in the first place. Worldwide Global Climate Change & Worldwide Global Warming is a classic example of this malfunction." 

43. True Leaders throughout this World will always MAKE things or events happen. True Followers throughout this World will always WATCH those same things or events happen & wonder 'HOW did he, she or THEY do that?' Their answer to this their own question is always forever more the same 'I have NO idea!' 

44. "All people throughout this World who are true professionals at their particular type of work or trade, always progress & always succeed at whatever task or project they attempt to start & finish. All people throughout this World who are not true professionals at their particular type of work or trade, never progress & always fail at whatever task or project they attempt to start & finish." 

45. "Make sure any relevant advice you receive on any given important subject enquiry, is completely correct. Sometimes this advice may be partially or totally incorrect. This incorrectness may destroy your plans on what you intend to successfully do. Be careful & always 'watch out' for incorrect advice & always only accept fully totally correct verified proven advice." 

46. "True Consistency. If on one day of your career or business, you do provide exceptional service and benefits, that your clients and customers will vividly ALWAYS remember and the very next day this service or these benefits change and are less or worse than what they were the day before, definitely do not expect your clients to continue to buy or purchase what you offer into the future. 'True Consistency,' in what you offer is always essential and not optional if you intend to survive and excel within your career or business."

47. "If you live above your means, your means will ALWAYS not live above you, but instead below you, with your subsequent daily costs of living. If you do not live above your means, your means will ALWAYS live above you and not below you, with your subsequent daily costs of living."

48. "Whatever you find a person doing on any particular day or night of the week, this is their pattern of the way they live their life. Make sure your pattern is conducive to success and not a failure."

49. "Time. Whatever you do day in and day out as your activities will consume precious time. To achieve success, your time spent doing something must resemble success. If it does not, it will resemble failure." 

50. "A true genuine leader does always think & plan ahead into the future for what they are currently attending to. A true genuine follower does not always do this, but instead leaves it to & allows a true genuine leader to do this."

51. "Responsibility. All true genuine leaders are fully responsible for their actions within their life. All true genuine followers are also, but when working in a team effort environment, they allow a true genuine leader to accept that responsibility, instead of & rather than themselves."

52. "The lender versus the borrower. If a person and/or a Company Organisation lends any money whatsoever to any person and/or a Company Organisation, they initially own whatever the lent money is to be used for. A person and/or a Company Organisation is much better off financially if whatever the intended borrowed money is to be used to purchase or finance, comes from not borrowed money, but instead clear net profit (i.e., money) from an enterprise." 

53. "Can you today pay back any financial debt you owe and pay to administer the running costs of your Business Enterprise and/or your personal life with the clear net profits you generate and make from your Business Enterprise and the income you earn or make within your personal life? If yes, then your Business Enterprise and personal life are profitable. If no, then your Business Enterprise is unprofitable and you are not saving any money whatsoever within your Business Enterprise and your personal life. You are broke in other words! Saving money is the key to successful living."

54. "Influence. Whatever you say and/or do has an influence either negatively, neutrally or positively on other people who experience what you have said and/or done. You may be surprised as I have, to what positive extent this influence has on other people. We all can learn from your influence."

55. "There are only three types of people throughout this World. The first are people who know nothing about something, the second are people who know something about something & the third are people who know everything about something. Which one of these three types of people are you or could you become?" 

56. "Borrowing any money whatsoever may bring something to you that you did not have before your borrowing. The repayment of this borrowed money to your lender will remove something from you, that you could have had before & after your borrowing. Seriously think about & consider the possible ramifications if you borrow any money from a lending source." 


57. "Paying for things on credit is exactly the same as having something you cannot immediately pay for & as a financial rule, this action will provide you with something that you may never be able to repay. Debt is what this is called. Debt is usually for financially illiterate people. Financially literate people usually pay for things they need out of clear net profit from their enterprise & not by using debt."


58. "If you have an inclination to be jealous of another person & their successes, all you will receive & attract to your life is no successes, but only failures. If this accurately describes you, then you have an inherent major weakness & are a complete, total abject loser! If you would like to receive successes within your life, do not ever covet what another person has or is doing. Read about this explicit COMMANDMENT in the Bible Old Testament scripture: Exodus chapter 20 & verse 17."

59. "If you are successful within your chosen career and/or your business enterprise, you deserve success. If you are not successful, you deserve failure."

60. "There are only two types of people found throughout this world. The first type of person is a person where nothing whatsoever ever works for them. The second type of person is a person where everything whatsoever always works for them. Which one of these two types of people are you or could you actually become?"

61. "Mistakes versus no mistakes. Mistakes can be very detrimental, costly to your life & business enterprise. Only a life full or replete of real experiences will ensure you do not make any mistakes within your life."

62. "No problems versus always problems. There are some people who never have any problems in their life, while other people always have problems. Which type of person are you?"

63. "I have very high exacting requirements placed on all of the personnel, component & service suppliers for all of my Worldwide invention & design projects. In return, they all are very well compensated & rewarded."

64. "If you do not yourself personally own your own Business, you are at the whims of your employer. This may or may not suit you. Individual Business ownership is the ideal way to supreme success."

65. "The real key ingredient to super success is for you to implement your exclusive skills into your career and/or Business enterprise so that you have no competition with those skills. My exclusive personal Worldwide inventions & designs have no competition whatsoever." 

66. "Limited versus unlimited income. Only your innate or newly developed & new-found skills will provide you with either a limited or unlimited income potential. Only you can decide which you will receive, a limited or an unlimited income." 

67. "Think very carefully before you intend to borrow any money from any source because that money is not your own. It belongs to the skills and/or profit of another person, Business, Government, or Company Organisation."

68. "Do you start fires, extinguish fires, or have no fires within your personal, career, and/or Business life? My personal definition or meaning of the word fires used here in this quote is simply, problems."

69. "A liar tells lies for evermore. Lies tell a liar for evermore."

70. "Some Businesses throughout the World do not want clients. How can you tell or know this? By the Business not providing a potential client what they require." 

71. "Another person and/or a Company Organisation pays your income. Make sure you have sufficient adeptness so that your income pays you."

72. "I can immediately ascertain what type of personality or demeanour a person has, within the very first reply answer or comment from this person, to what I have spoken to this person about. Supreme intuition is what this is called."

73. "There are many, many people throughout this world who will always forevermore answer a question and/or offer their view on a particular given subject with a nonsensical, stupid & idiotic response. Are you one of these types of people? I am not, but I will for sure know if you are by your reply."

74. "Some people in this world will not ever listen to your instruction. This means you never ever listen to their instruction to you. Why follow this advice? Because their instruction to you will be of no value to you."

75. "There are many people throughout this world that always cause serious trouble wherever they go & are completely useless at whatever they attempt to do. Do not ever give these people any form of responsibility to effectively complete a task, because they are always unable to fulfil this. These people never make any money throughout their entire lives. Nothing ever works out for them & it never will! You may know one or more of these people. I certainly do."

76. "Today in this World, there are many people who will always for evermore do the opposite of what is considered & accepted to be normal within their meaningless lives. All of these people will always be abnormal in whatever they attempt to do."

77. "A couple in a relationship is always exactly the same as each other in their personal characteristics & outlook on life. I have yet to find this is not the case."

78. "If you ask a fool for their advice on anything, you will always receive a foolish answer or response every time. A fool can only give this type of reply."

79. "There are many 'nuts' out there in this world. A person who is a nut, rarely if ever, brings any value to their own life and/or the lives of other people. A nut always 'hangs out' or 'hangs around' with another nut, because they have the same personal & life characteristics as each other. A nut will always be a nut until eternity."

MUST VIEW: Video examples of a nut Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - S01E22 - Part 1 - YouTube

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. [S1-Ep30]: "Gomer The M.P." [16 April 1965] [Season One Finale] - YouTube

80. "Dream the seemingly impossible. These so-called 'impossibilities' can come true. They have for me."

81. "True inventors empower this entire world. The world then empowers these same inventors."

82. "A specialist will always enlist other specialists to complete a specific project. A non-specialist does not & never will, ensuring their total expensive financial failure."

83. "The more personnel a Company Organisation has employed, the worse off financially they will be. Conversely, the fewer people it has will ensure its profitability & sustainability. Personnel are the most costly asset to have."

84. "You can always tell what the quality & reputation of any Business and/or Company Organisation is like by the people who work there. A dodgy appearance & manner of the personnel will ensure a dodgy result of their products/services. A professional appearance & manner ensures a good high-quality reliable, durable product/service."

85. "If you do not have any administration skills & services within your Business Company Organisation, then I do not & will not ever deal with and/or conduct any Business transactions with you. It is as simple & real as that!"

86. "In life, there are numerous 'fads' that come & go with time. Make sure the skills you have implemented into your Business enterprise are not one of them."

87. "I have purposely removed & replaced all of the previous 'clowns' who were involved with my Worldwide Business, with only the very best personnel available anywhere in the world. These 'clown' idiots cannot ever even manage a circus! Good riddance!"

88. "By far the biggest 'creep' I have ever come across in my entire life is a male individual. Do you have even the slightest remote idea who this is?"

89. "As they say, don't reinvent the wheel. I say this, always reinvent the wheel, so as to improve its features & benefits for the human race."

90. "Another person and/or Company Organisation does pay for your income. Make sure you deserve it, by always efficiently providing what they require."

91. "Successful people do know the 'something' that causes them success. Unsuccessful people do not know & will never ever know what this 'something' is." 

92. "The end consumer of whatever the products and/or services that you provide, does pay you your income. Always exceed the expectations of your consumer. This way, you will always receive your income."

93. "If you try to 'cut corners' by not sensibly or irresponsibly lowering the operational costs of your Business enterprise, the inherent quality of your manufactured product and/or provided service will always suffer to your detriment. This will negatively irreversibly affect your short & long-term sales."

94. "You are today the sum result of your characteristics as a child. Good characteristics will always bring you & others good results. Conversely, bad characteristics do not ever."

95. "A winner will always win at whatever they attempt to accomplish. A loser will always lose at this."

96. "The more communication messages you receive, the less effective the Business is. The fewer communication messages you receive, the more effective the Business is. Quality messages are what you need, not quantity messages."

97. "It is impossible to explain to a person or group if they are incapable of understanding what it is you are trying to convey. There are many people or groups just like this."

98. "If you decide to open a Business, always aim to be big, otherwise, you may not achieve & maintain enough sustenance."

99. "If you have or hold the mark of the beast or 666, do not ever expect to make or retain any money or profit whatsoever in your life, because you will not. You will also have a mental disability in understanding general everyday experiences."

Scriptures from the Bible or The Word of God New Testament last book of Revelation

Revelation chapter 13 and verses 15-18.

100. "Incognisant. If a person gives you a mystified look & a nonsensical response after you state something to them, they are incognisant. There are many people just like this."

101. "If societies of the world function without adhering to all of the teachings of the complete Old & New Testaments of the Bible or Word of God, chaos ensues, such as seen in the world today."

102. "A boofhead (i.e., fool) is a foolish person & is born this way. They will always be a fool forever more."

103. "You can have the world, providing you also allow the world to have your exclusive ambitions."

104. "Governments around the world, whether local, state or federal, are managing a Business Enterprise. The majority of them are completely incompetent in these activities. This is the main understandable reason, even little Government involvement is usually not allowed in my Worldwide Business Enterprise. My Business Enterprise is always competently managed by the sole person who started & formed it, me."

My Personal Profile

'Newsroom For Today'

105. "Governments around the world, whether local, state or federal, are the same in every way as an extreme Religious cult. Just watch & take careful note of how they function to see what I mean. Yes, I am completely opposed to foolish inept useless Governments & other people with these same characteristics. Listen to someone who knows, me."

106. "Governments all over the world are managed by people who have never ever successfully managed a Business & a Business enterprise as large scope as mine. Do not expect these Governments to understand what they are doing, because they do not & never ever will. All they are able to do is haphazardly to the point of no return, unsustainably increase the debt level within the economy of a country."

107. "There are today countless irrational morons in this world, that usher out stupid non-sensical comments forevermore. Avoid these people like the plague."

108. "True leaders make decisions quickly & they are always correct."

109. "Today there are only ever two types of people on earth. The first always make & retain money. The second never make or retain money. Which type are you?"

110. "Your clients always pay your wages or income. Only the efficient administration skills of your Company Business Organisation keep or save part of this remuneration."

111. "If you are only 'treading water' to survive, make sure a wave of discontent does not swamp & devour you. Always produce enough of whatever you do, so as to ensure you are never in harm's way."

112. "The unrelenting high costs in Business such as personnel must be kept to a minimum if that Business is to be substantially profitable throughout. For an automotive vehicle production facility, smart senior management decisions & state-of-the-art robotics are the only answer."

Production Facility

113. "Your characteristics. However, you find yourself today, will always be the same way forever more."

114. "Any income you earn today, lose tomorrow equates to no profit for you & is absolute folly in perpetuity."

115. "In life, do only what you are skilled & proficient at, not something you are not."

116. "Every day within your career or Business enterprise, you are always only one step away from great success or great failure. Make certain you know exactly what you are doing when serving your invaluable clients."

117. "Let a clown manage a circus, but not a Business enterprise and/or Government. If you do, a circus will always result."

118. "Do not follow the herd mentality. Instead, exclusively devise, invent, design your very own proprietary innovative products & services. I have. This way no competition will come your way like massively seen today from all automotive electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. How can they survive?"

119. "Always accomplish the most important tasks first. These tasks will then always accomplish you first."

120. "Many many unqualified people have a comment or view about this & that. Based on your own individual competence in your specific industry, you can always decide if what they say is credible. Most times it will not be."

121. "In a personal relationship, the premise is that opposites attract. This is of course false. Instead, like for like attracts. This is true."

122. "Today most businesses around the world do nothing to contribute to society. I trust your business enterprise is not one of these, but instead provides massive value to the world at large, just like my business does."

123. "Accomplish the seemingly impossible. The impossible will for sure then accomplish you. I have achieved this only by really wanting to."

124. "Attempt what has never been done before. You may very well fulfil this. This will always entirely depend only on your burning desire to do so."

125. "If you think something will be difficult to achieve then it always will be. If you think something will be easy to achieve then it always will be. This is how life works."

126. "Only a real fool would follow another fool."

127. "Any person who enters politics anywhere in the world as a career or job is a complete utter loser & failure!"

128. "If the investors in the economy of any country worldwide liquidate or turned into cash their debt holdings such as selling their bonds, recalling any outstanding financial loans, etc, in the country where these funds are invested, are they (the governments, etc) able to immediately repay the principal & interest amounts to these investors based on their current Gross domestic product (GDP) without borrowing more money? If not, then the economy of that country is a pure Ponzi scheme. If yes, then it is not. A Ponzi scheme apart from being illegal will fail spectacularly every time."

Gross domestic product - Wikipedia

Ponzi scheme - Wikipedia

129. "Any person whether male or female who works for any local, state, federal Government & some Chief Executive Officers, Presidents of Corporate Business Organisations are not worth to be paid any money whatsoever, not one red cent! This is solely because of their incapability to effectively profitably manage any type of lemonade stand, let alone any organisation."

130. "Any person whether male or female who previously or currently works for any local, state, federal Government, does so because they are unable to succeed at their previous place of private employment and/or opening their very own Business enterprise. These Governments accept all of these dejected rejected incompetent people because no one else will!"

131. "Earning & retaining money is not always easy. If you make it easy by utilising your skills, acumen, the attraction of money will always follow you. If you do not, it never ever will."

132. "If a person asks you even one stupid question, they are always stupid forever more!"

133. "No one person alive on earth respects the value of earned money, however much, more than me."

134. "I make the seemingly impossible possible. Then this possible is impossible to steal or copy."

'Newsroom For Today'

135. "A common telltale sign of a person who is incompetent and/or living above their means is the amount of personal postal mail and/or electronic mail (e-mail) they receive. The less equates to a competent person not living above their means. The more equates to an incompetent person living above their means."

136. "Let someone else worry about things. It is the people who do take decisive action to ensure that things function smoothly in this world, who benefit immensely. The other remaining people who do not, never do!"

137. "Every person who has or holds the mark of the beast or 666, always forever more utters stupid non-sensical responses to comments from other people who do not have or hold this defective mark."

138. "What is earned money? It is simply the end result of a systemic prudent effective management of one's remuneration, either from an employment position or a business. Respect it!"

139. "The rich will always rule the world due to their innovative effects on society. The poor never will, unless they sincerely desire to be like the rich & if they do, they will also rule the world just like the rich."

140. "Today there are many women, men who do not have the innate ability to earn & retain money. The much smaller group does. Which genre are you?" 

'MR CRAIG E. WHITTINGTON.' 😉😀😉😋😉😥🤩😉😉😥🤒🙃

141. "For things to change you have to change. For things to get better you have to get better.''

''You are being paid today what you are worth. If you desire or would like to be paid more, then you must bring more value to the marketplace. In other words, you must become more valuable to the marketplace. If you do this, then the marketplace or other people will definitely pay you more for your increased professional value. This payment may be in the terms of money or another type of commercial payment or reward.''JIM ROHN. One of the very very best personal development speakers & coaches anywhere in the World & that has ever lived.

142. Everything begins with a thought.

''Life consists of what a man is thinking about all day.'' RALPH WALDO EMERSON.

143. What we think determines who we are. Who we are determines what we do.

''The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.'' JOHN LOCKE.

144. Our thoughts determine our destiny. Our destiny determines our legacy.

''You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.'' JAMES ALLEN.

145. People who go to the top think differently than others.

''Nothing limits achievement like small thinking, nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking.'' WILLIAM ARTHUR WARD.

146. Persistence can sometimes pay off handsomely.

"Keep on going and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down." CHARLES F. KETTERING.

147. We can change the way we think.

''Whatever things are true ... noble ... just ... pure ... lovely ... are of good report. If there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, think on these things.'' PAUL THE APOSTLE (A Bible or the Word of God New Testament Writer.)

One Final Thought

''There ain't no rules around here. We're trying to accomplish something.'' THOMAS EDISON - Inventor.