Here is My Personal Definition of an Entrepreneur

Today's Day & Date: Tuesday the 9th of August 2022.

Entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs from their birth.

Entrepreneurs take well-calculated risks at all they attempt to do & achieve. They understand that non-entrepreneurs will not take these same risks & as such may miss out on many opportunities.

Entrepreneurs are not conservative in their initial & ongoing view of their tasks at hand. They take a wide view, taking all things into consideration when considering or evaluating a new initiative.

Entrepreneurs are highly intelligent males or females. They see their end destination first before they even start their entrepreneurial task. They decide whether they will love this new task & whether they will be able to put their all in it. If no, then they know they will not be happy & contented fulfilling their new task & will abandon this idea.

Entrepreneurs will do activities in a new entrepreneurial initiative, that other people would not even think of or do.

Entrepreneurs do not gauge their success by the amount of money they make from their new initiative. Rather, they gauge their success on successfully completing their new initiative & overcoming any obstacles along the way during the completion of their new initiative.

Entrepreneurs always learn hard lessons from any mistakes they make. These mistakes may be in the form of the under calculation of the costs associated & the time required to complete their new initiative.

Entrepreneurs are perfectionists in all that they do & are. They dislike greatly to make any mistakes in any of their new initiatives. If they do make any mistakes, they quickly get over these mistakes, learn from them & will try to never make these same mistakes again.

Entrepreneurs are inventors. However, not all inventors are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are adept, astute & invent devices, products or services that we all can benefit from. The difference between an inventor who is also an entrepreneur versus an inventor who is not an entrepreneur is that an inventor who is an entrepreneur will skillfully market their invention so it is available on the market for sale. Inventors who are not entrepreneurs, do not have the ability or skill necessary to market their invention so it is available on the market for sale.

Entrepreneurs may only start a Business or a Company utilising the skills they have acquired & developed in what they are trained in or trained to be. Accomplishing this will increase the chance of success for the formation of the Business or Company.