'1978 Older International Car Racing'

'In 1981 - Splendid International Car Race Finish by Australian Car Racing Driver'

'Where Supreme Skill Will Always Win This Old, But Fantastic Challenging Car Race In The Year 1984'

"True Unique Genuine Professional Race Car Engineering, Brings The Desired & Expected International Car Racing Finish Result In The Year 1987"

'Bathurst 1000 - 1992'

'Belgian Grand Prix 1993'

'In 1993 Two Professional International Car Racing Drivers, Go Head To Head In A Battle Of "Supreme" Struggles'

'1993 FAST! Lap Speed in Australia'

'1993 Exceptional International Car Racing'

'1994 - A Terrific Car Race Of Professional International Racing Car Drivers. Put Your Seat Belts On & Settle In For A Long Very Exciting Superlative Car Race'

'1994. An Incredible, Tremendous International Car Race U.S.A. Style!!'

'1995. Something A Little Bit Different For All To Ponder & Enjoy'

"1996 Supreme 'Exceptional' International Car Racing"

'1998 Very Good Lap Time'

'Superb 1999 International Car Racing'