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1947 - 1967. Superlative Formula One History Of International Car Racing Driver "Legends"

'The Year Was 1952. An Unusually Fuelled Race Car For All To See, Sets Lap Record At The 1952 Indianapolis 500 International Car Race'

'The Year Was 1955 & One True Exceptional British International Car Racing Driver Excels'

'The Year Was 1957. A True International Car Racing Driver "Champion" Wins Again'

'The Year Was 1960. The Location Was Near Palermo Sicily. Enjoy The Ride With A Very Well Known, Highly Experienced & Very Well Respected International British Racing Car Driver'

'1962 Much Older International Car Racing'

'The 1965 Lotus-Ford Racing Car Revolutionized the Indy 500'

'In 1966 International Car Racing Was Incredibly Fast!'

'1967 Ford Mark IV, The Legend of Le Mans'

'1967 Formula 1 Grand Prix In Germany'

'1967 Much Older International Car Racing'

'The Year Was 1968. Something Very Different, That Is For Sure'

'The 1970 World Sportscar Championship, Was A Year To Always Remember'

'The Year Was 1970. A Short, But Interesting International Car Racing Clip'

'1970 Much Older International Car Racing'

'Le Mans racing sequences (from the 1971 film)'

'The Legend Of Much Older International Car Racing - 2013 Cover Shoot'

'The Year Was 1977. One True Racing Car Champion Wins The 1977 Indianapolis 500 International Car Race For His 4th Time!'