'My Real Testimony'

Today's Day & Date: Sunday the 27th of November 2022.

In the year 2007, I was motivated & moved to start my very own Worldwide Global International Innovative Invention & Design Business, solely because of the mass coverage that Worldwide Global Climate Change & Worldwide Global Warming was receiving in the media all over the World. This coverage gave me widespread scientifically based & founded relevant factual information of only serious extreme dire consequences for the World at large unless carbon dioxide emissions were curtailed & in particular curtailed from the electricity generation production from electricity power generating stations located throughout the entire World. 

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I did at this time in the year 2007, contact all of the Worldwide main major designers & manufacturers of steam turbines used in electricity power stations throughout the World, with regards to the custom design & manufacture of my 'exclusive' new invention & design, namely a very small but extremely efficient, extremely powerful 'Self Charging' steam engine assembly. Not one of these steam turbine manufacturers was even slightly interested in my new steam engine assembly invention & design. I did at this same time immediately think to myself this: 'You will all be eventually interested for sure 100% guaranteed!'

So, I then instead decided to use my skills as an Automotive Engineer to invent & design the new steam car, using & implementing my new steam engine assembly invention & design as the sole means of propelling the new steam car.

Basically, my new steam engine assembly invention & design works & functions in the exact same way as an electrically operated electric kettle does, in that, when you fill an electrically operated electric kettle with water & then turn the electric power switch on at the wall powerpoint socket & the kettle, the kettle will boil the added water with the resultant 'visible' steam emanating or pouring out the top of the kettle. Instead of using the rated electricity voltage available at the electricity mains power wall powerpoint socket (which ranges from 100 volts - 240 volts AC (alternating current) electricity throughout the World), I instead use only 48 DC (direct current) volt electricity emanating from a highly specialised 48 DC volt high amperage output electrical charging alternator to provide electricity directly to the 'kettle' component of my new steam engine assembly invention & design, thereby not utilising a regular commonly installed electrical battery & thus 'batteryless.'

This 'kettle' component is actually & physically the installed very small steam boiler within the new steam car.

Basically, the new steam car functions & operates as an exclusive electrically operated very special unique proprietary, to use the term, 'electric kettle on all four wheels.'

The ultra-pure water within the installed steam boiler within the new steam car boils to super-heated hot dry colourless invisible steam extremely 'lightning-fast' & only takes a maximum of three minutes to reach this super-heated steam condition, within or at the maximum coldest location found anywhere on earth.

As my new steam car invention & design edges closer to its production, I look back to the year 2007 & think how well I handled the rejection of my new steam engine assembly invention & design from all of the main major steam turbine designers & manufacturers located throughout the World. When my new steam car invention & design is available to be purchased or bought by all people all over the World, my new ENERGY - Uniquely Electrically Operated Self Propelled 'Self Charging' Steam Powered Electricity Producing Steam Boiler & Steam Turbine Steam Engine Unit Assembly, will also be available to be purchased or bought by all electricity power-producing power stations located throughout the World.

The envisaged steam turbine designers based & located in Italy Europe will systematically contact every electricity power-producing station located throughout the entire World & advise them that my new steam engine assembly invention & design is working & functioning normally within the new steam car. The very first electricity power-producing power stations contacted about this will be those located within my home domiciled country of Australia, because per person or per capita, currently, Australia does have the very highest carbon dioxide emissions from electricity power generation production of any country in the World.

The very next electricity power-producing power stations within a particular country contacted is the U.S.A., China & then the rest of the known safe & selected World.

This envisaged professional custom designer of the five required micro steam turbine assemblies to my knowledge, is the only steam turbine designer anywhere on earth who is capable & competent to custom design the steam turbine assemblies for my new steam-powered vehicle & electricity power-producing device apparatus inventions & designs. 

As I say in life: 'Only the very best professional people in what they do will survive & prosper in today's extremely competitive World of Business.'

Best regards

Mr. Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney NSW Australia.)