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Please find above the link to my new revised Business website. The current herein website will operate until Jul 4, 2023. After this time, the current herein website will expire & cease to function, to be replaced by the above website.

Email Website 5. Jan, 2022

john pappa smith

can you actually show us the car? not just random cars?

Email Website 15. Nov, 2018

Alyssa Kirton

I believe that I can explore more exciting content here.

Email 14. Jul, 2018


Hi Craig, we met (14/7/18) on train,Thornleigh. You goin town Hall, me Nowra. Yarned of steam powered cars, new invention that'lll change the way we think, till then, I'll jus Kik along in mi sx datto 200b. We had a good yarn Hey! Cheers bra.

Email 1. Jun, 2017

Fantasea Cruising

I don't even know what to say. No words.

Email 12. Dec, 2015

Avi (Subway, Pennnat Hills)

Hi Craig! Loved going through the website and finding out more about all the wonderful things you're doing. Good luck and I look forward to hearing great things about you soon!

Email 6. Sep, 2014



Email Website 23. Aug, 2014

Behram Chhapgar

Hi Craig well done. You are a source of inspiration to beginners like me.

Email Website 26. Jul, 2014

Jon Wright

Hi Craig, I'd say You are very fortunate to be in Australia, I hope & pray BIG OIL & ELECTRICITY don't hassle you.Luck to you, God bless.

Email 12. Jul, 2014

Hilary Bikendi

hi Craig well done.

Email Website 29. Jun, 2014


Hi Craig just visited ur site to view ur setup. Great job by u, well done man.

Email 2. Apr, 2014

James E Kemsley

Your new page is both exciting and challenging and the products should benefit all of mankind, both now and in the future. Good luck with all of your endeavours.

Email 27. Mar, 2014

Christine McDonald

i just read your website. You have been busy.

Email 14. Mar, 2013

Christine McDonald

I'm always eager to learn about products which are good for the planet. this should go well.

Email 1. Mar, 2013

James E Kemsley

Well it sounds very interesting and should be adopted by many Governments particularly in this age when petroleum products are so expensive and in relatively short demand. Good luck.