Purchase Conditions

Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 10th of November 2022.

All intending purchases of the eight-seater Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) & three-seater sports car coupe models, whether private, fleet and/or Government purchasers are required to complete & sign a legal statutory declaration form agreeing to the following 1-3 inclusive prerequisites:

1. The driver of these two superb vehicles agrees to not drink alcohol, take mind-altering drugs and/or medication that may impact or impair their driver alert attentiveness during the course of driving these vehicles. If the driver of these two vehicles has been tested by an appropriate law enforcement authority for alcohol, drug and/or medication content & has failed the prescribed concentration levels for these three substance categories, immediate on the spot permanent for evermore disqualification & termination of the said driver licence applies, firstly Australia wide, Worldwide & Worldwide countries where these two vehicles are exported from Australia.

2. In this failed testing condition, the driver of these two vehicles is unable to for evermore drive and/or gain access to these two vehicles, including any future models of the steam-powered vehicles, anywhere in the safe & selected world the steam-powered vehicles are available for purchase. Additional law enforcement legal action, possible vehicle crushing, imprisonment & fines will also apply, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction where the offense was committed.

3. Due to the proprietary design of these two vehicles & to ensure the utmost safety standards apply to these two vehicles, smoking cigarettes or anything else is prohibited in the interior areas of these vehicles. In-vehicle interior smoke detector sensors are installed & are designed to be integrated into the full in-vehicle smoke alert, fire alert & fire suppression system assembly.

Ensuring the strictest compliance with the above requirements 1-3 inclusive prerequisites will ensure a safer, more enjoyable driving experience for all drivers, road users on public and/or private roads (including any supervised track day events) throughout the safe, selected world where the steam-powered vehicles are able to be purchased & driven.

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