'Supersonic Speed'

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Today's Day & Date: Sunday the 18th of September 2022.

Due to the exclusive, proprietary, innovative, ingenious, comprehensive, fastidious, lengthy invention & design of all my new fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered vehicle inventions & designs, all models are capable to reach a supersonic road speed of approximately 1,636.36 kilometres per hour (km/h) or 1,016.78 miles per hour (mph) attained from a zero standstill road speed when travelled at a distance of 5 kilometres or 3.10 miles in approximately only 11 seconds. The resultant positive g force value to be experienced on my body (as the driver of the 3-seater sports car coupe model pre-production test vehicle) is 4.21 g force value.

1.33577 Mach is the value obtained at 1,636.36 kilometres per hour (km/h) or 1,016.78 miles per hour (mph).

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This never-before attained road speed on earth for a production passenger road vehicle will be tested & certified by two, two-way reverse directional run tests conducted within 1 hour of the initial test run on a 9-kilometre or 5.59 miles length purpose-built runway as part of the envisaged new steam car development & production plant facility to be constructed in Sydney Australia, the largest & most modern state-of-the-art facility of its kind anywhere on earth.

When this supersonic road speed is attained, I will immediately release my right foot off the accelerator pedal, thereby inducing a reverse thrust effect from the installed four road wheel steam turbine assemblies, theoretically attempting to drive the vehicle in the opposite direction (reverse) in which it is travelling (forward) which in concert with the exclusive proprietary four road wheel braking system, will dramatically evenly slow the road speed of the vehicle. At this point of deceleration, 4 kilometres or 2.48 miles of remaining runway will be utilised to slow the vehicle to a standstill stop. These 4 kilometres of runway distance will minimize the negative g force value effect over my body due to the deceleration effect spread out evenly over this 4-kilometre distance & also evenly reduce the loading effect experienced by the four road wheel propulsion steam turbine assemblies & braking system. 

G Force explained

The g force is directly proportional to the object's acceleration, such that a pilot experiences as much as 8g and −5g. When the g value is positive, the pilot's blood rushes towards his feet, leading to blackouts or losing consciousness, whereas, during the negative g value, it causes the blood flow towards the brain and eyes resulting in swelling veins and reddened visions. We can also experience the same rush on roller coaster rides, during which people often lose consciousness.

The g force on a person who suddenly stopped his car from 60 km/h or 37.28 miles per hour (mph) in 1 second is titled a g force negative value.

The g force on me when I decelerate the 3-seater sports car coupe model test vehicle from approximately 1,600 km/h or 994.19 miles per hour (mph) over the remaining 4 kilometres or 2.48 miles of the runway in 9 seconds is a g force negative value of -5.03.


Keep in mind the fully loaded weight of the 3-seater sports car coupe model is only approximately 500-700 kilograms (kgs). The power-to-weight ratio of these vehicles is extraordinarily high, hence the above amazing supersonic road speed characteristics.

The ability of the 3-seater sports car coupe model pre-production test vehicle to reach this supersonic road speed is due to the 'Track day,' compatibility & within the interior dashboard controls is a special 'Track mode,' button, which when depressed, allows for 'speed unlimited,' propulsion technology to be released & made available only for a 'Track day event.' This equates to the full steam pressure of the one installed steam boiler of approximately 2900 psi (pounds per square inch) released at each one of the four road wheel steam turbine assemblies by an electrically operated 48 DC Volt throttle valve assembly controlled by the position of the vehicle accelerator pedal.

If this test vehicle was not outside the boundaries of a public or private road as determined by the installed geofencing technology, when the 'Track mode' button is depressed 'speed unlimited' propulsion technology is not made available to the four installed road wheel steam turbine assemblies, thereby not allowing supersonic road speeds.

The test vehicle must be confirmed by the geofencing technology to be outside the boundaries of a public or private road before the 'Track mode' button is depressed to be able to receive the maximum steam pressure of approximately 2900 psi at each electrically operated throttle valve attached to each one of the installed four road wheel steam turbine assemblies, which in turn will make possible the supersonic road speed & execution time mentioned above.

Within this confirmed geofencing condition & with the vehicle accelerator pedal depressed as far as it can travel by the driver, the four electrically operated throttle valves (one installed on each road wheel steam turbine assembly), open fully to allow the maximum 2900 psi steam pressure emanating from the steam boiler to instantly, quickly & massively contact the internal blading of each one of the four road wheel steam turbine propulsion assemblies thereby creating a supersonic road speed capability.

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