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'Thomas Edison FULL DOCUMENTARY | American Experience | PBS America'

Today's Day & Date: Sunday the 6th of November 2022.

Below you will find a link that fully describes a very interesting documentary on the life of the one single man responsible for the initial success of providing electric light to the masses of the world.

Whilst based on the contents of this remarkable documentary, Mr. Thomas A. Edison & I were very similar in our outlook on life & the energy industry as a whole but were for sure different in the method to achieve dominance with my new, exclusive, proprietary, innovative, low-cost, affordable, fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless, baseload, global electricity generation invention & design device apparatus, due to my exclusive vision of ameliorating deleterious man-made global warming & climate change.

Fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless, 'never seen before,' steam-powered base load electricity generation & automotive vehicle models are my profound specialties as an inherently innate, natural, exclusive worldwide inventor & designer.

Thomas Edison FULL DOCUMENTARY | American Experience | PBS America - YouTube

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