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My new fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered vehicles, electricity-producing device apparatus inventions & designs are the desires of new Worldwide different innovative technology development.

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Daily Noteworthy News

July 17, 2021.

Within the above Sydney Australia, car plant is a specially designed straight runway constructed for the sole purpose to test the maximum 'supersonic' Supersonic speed - Wikipedia land speed of the pre-production automobile sportscar coupe model version of the steam car. This extraordinary vehicle will be driven by the exclusive sole inventor & designer which is me.

This same above steam car sportscar coupe pre-production model will be delivered to the annual automobile Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb event located at Goodwood House, Chichester, West Sussex, England United Kingdom Europe for the purpose to display this extraordinary vehicle & to be tested for the hill climb time record-breaking vehicle. This extraordinary vehicle will be driven by the exclusive sole inventor & designer which is me. Goodwood Festival of Speed | Official Website

This same above steam car sportscar coupe pre-production model will be delivered to the annual automobile Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) event located in Pikes Peak Colorado U.S.A., for the purpose to display this extraordinary vehicle & to be tested for the hill climb time record-breaking vehicle. This extraordinary vehicle will be driven by the exclusive sole inventor & designer which is me. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - Home - Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (ppihc.org)

July 26, 2021.

I make sure I only ever deal with the very best accredited, competent, suitably experienced, widely known & respected, professional component & service suppliers for my current new steam car & electricity-producing device apparatus projects. This way, you the end-user of these exceptional inventions & designs, have access to the most sophisticated technologies available anywhere in the entire World, for the purpose to make your life more enjoyable. Please tap or click the following internal links to read, view educational videos & learn all about these exclusive proprietary technologies:

'Newsroom For Today'


Technology For Today

July 27, 2021.

One of the main largest markets for my new steam car & electricity-producing device apparatus inventions & designs is my home country of Australia. These two extraordinary inventions & designs will gain, maintain the largest market share in Australia & around the safe, selected countries of the World.

July 29, 2021.

During the current design of my new steam car vehicles, I do vividly remember many years ago, reading text published on a car manufacturer's website about in their opinion, how difficult it is in designing a motor vehicle. Whilst I do not subscribe to their feeling, I do for sure now fully understand that designing & manufacturing my two new pre-production steam car vehicles, that is, namely the eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & three-seater sports car coupe models, is to take much longer than when I first conceptualised their basic invention & design in the year 2007. 

Regardless of this design & manufacture wait time period, it is to be well worth the wait for these two brand new exemplary vehicles to be available to be reserved or pre-ordered, then purchased firstly in Australia, then other safe & selected countries throughout the World.

July 31, 2021.

In the year 2007 when I first invented & designed my two revolutionary inventions & designs, namely the electricity-producing device apparatus & the new steam car, I ensured that I fully applied my extensive knowledge of motor vehicles to both of these two inventions & designs. This ensured that no essential working component was omitted during their initial design. The end result of this extremely concentrated focused effort has led to simple, but highly effective, minimal human input requirement mechanisms.

Only an extensive working knowledge of the basic, complex functionalities of a motor vehicle led me to invent & design exclusive unparalleled highly sought-after mechanisms. Without this extensive practical knowledge as an Automotive Engineer of the last 45 years & incessant determination, my inventions & designs as they stand today would be impossible.

There will never ever be another vehicle with the same level of innovation, safety & driveability expertise devoted to its design, as my new steam car, etc vehicles. These exemplary exclusive vehicles solely lead the Automotive Industry's future, they do not & will not ever follow it.

August 2, 2021.

My exclusive proprietary Trade Secret Rights License Agreement allows or gives the right to the confirmed Licensee for the new steam car project to manufacture the propulsion system & other relevant components for all of the steam car etc models, namely the four road wheel steam turbine assemblies propulsion system & the one steam turbine assembly (i.e., steam engine assemblies) to truly innovatively 'self-charge,' a depleted or discharged electrical battery condition. These five designs are currently underway by a professional Company Organisation based & located in Italy Europe. This final integrated design will then be manufactured by a professional Company Organisation based & located in New South Wales (NSW) Australia.

Please tap or click the following internal link to read, view educational videos & learn all about these exclusive proprietary technologies:

Technology For Today

August 6, 2021.

Today I compiled the new steam car project Official Licensor, Licensee Trade Secret Rights License Agreement & the Official Sub Licensee Trade Secret Rights License Agreement.

August 7, 2021.

Today I compiled the new steam car project Official Component & Service Supplier Trade Secret Rights License Agreement.

August 8, 2021.

All of my revolutionary inventions & designs will always only ever have the very highest Quality management system (QMS) i.e., quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) scrutiny applied to them, by me, all component, service suppliers within my Business. This will ensure longevity in all of their applications, unlike any & all other inventions & designs throughout the World. This will give you the purchaser of these inventions & designs, full restful peace of mind with your purchase.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control: Definitions & Differences | ASQ

The exclusive proprietary extensive professional research & development (R & D) done in conjunction with my extensive practical working knowledge, experience & technical expertise within the Worldwide Automotive Industry as a whole, will always ensure all users, purchasers of these inventions, designs, will only ever receive expected full value for money, money-saving environmentally friendly sustainable innovative operational technologies.

August 9, 2021.

Australia will be the very first country in the safe & selected World, to have the honourable opportunity to be able to pre-order or reserve & purchase the two below exemplary vehicles.

When all orders & sales for these two remarkable vehicles have been fulfilled firstly in Australia, then the immediate export of these vehicles begins to the below countries throughout the World & not before this time. This exact same example of a superlative principle of opening up one export country at one time only applies to all individual-specific countries to where the new steam car vehicles are to be exported.

It is envisaged to export the brand new two initial steam car vehicles, namely the eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & three-seater sports car coupe models, from the yet to be constructed Sydney NSW Australia new steam car development & production plant facility to the following countries in their chronological order: 

1. Italy Europe. 2. New Zealand. 3. France Europe. 4. England, Wales & Scotland United Kingdom Europe. 5. Germany Europe. 6. The Netherlands Europe. 7. Switzerland Europe. 8. South Korea. 9. Canada North America. 10. Spain Europe. 11. Poland Europe. 12. Slovenia Europe. 13. Much of Europe. 14. Japan. 15. Singapore. 16. Malaysia. 17. Taiwan. 18. Brunei. 19. Vietnam. 20. The Isle of Man.

The unsurpassed inherent quality of these two outstanding vehicles is in part due to their extensive rigorous testing at the Sydney Australia development & production plant facility.

Production Facility

August 12, 2021.

It has always been my number one priority to bring my two above steam-powered vehicles to the safe & selected World, with my beginning & end goal to achieve the very highest vehicle sales in these two very popular vehicle categories, namely the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & sports car coupe segments. This will only ever be achieved by the inherent unsurpassed operating technologies, features, benefits & unparalleled real true value for money encompassed in these two distinctive 'magical' vehicles.

August 13, 2021.

I trust you are thoroughly enjoying having access to my Business website, as you will find detailed information, content on this site that you will not find elsewhere, hence it being exclusive to its visitors & users.

August 17, 2021.

Only when a product and/or service is comprehensively designed, engineered, manufactured to include all rudimentary features & benefits that are truly 'state-of-the-art,' will they automatically sell to clients all by themselves based on these known inherent qualities. My new 'one-of-a-kind,' steam-powered vehicles, electricity-producing device apparatus inventions & designs forever more fulfil these basic expected criteria.

August 18, 2021.

Any real competition in Business today can result in a dramatic decline in sales revenue & clear net after-tax profit. Due to my proprietary new steam-powered vehicles & electricity-producing device apparatus inventions & designs, the sharing of my IP (Intellectual Property) with other entities will not occur ever, hence I will not experience any competition whatsoever from other Business Organisations. Instead what will occur, is the sharing & sale of the actual finished manufactured physical products resulting from these two exceptional inventions, designs to multiple relevant Business Organisation entities located throughout the safe & selected world.

Australian Design Rules (ADRs) 

Australia is considered to have the most comprehensive vehicle compliance regime in the world. The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft, and emissions. The ADRs are generally performance-based and cover issues such as occupant protection, structures, lighting, noise, engine exhaust emissions, braking, and a range of miscellaneous items. 

The current standards, the Third Edition ADRs, are administered by the Australian Government under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. The Act requires all road vehicles, whether they are newly manufactured in Australia or are imported as new or second-hand vehicles, to comply with the relevant ADRs at the time of manufacture and supply to the Australian market. When a road vehicle is first used on Australian roads the relevant state or territory government's legislation generally requires that it continue to comply with the relevant ADRs as at the time of manufacture. Australian Design Rules | Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, Australian Government

Both above models of my steam-powered vehicles must & will comply with all of the latest relevant very stringent Australian Design Rules (ADRs). 


'The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, more commonly referred to as ANCAP SAFETY, is Australasia's independent vehicle safety authority.'

ANCAP safety ratings are published for a range of new passenger, sports utility (SUV), and light commercial vehicles (LCV) entering the Australian and New Zealand markets, using a rating system of 0 to 5 stars. ANCAP star ratings indicate the level of safety a vehicle provides for occupants and pedestrians in the event of a crash, as well as its ability — through technology — to avoid or minimise the effects of a crash. The more stars, the better the vehicle performed across ANCAP tests. The more recent the rating year, the more stringent the criteria the vehicle has been assessed against. To achieve the maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating, a vehicle must achieve the highest standards in all tests & feature advanced safety assist technologies. ANCAP recommends the safest vehicle you can afford with 5 stars & the latest rating year.  

Since 1993, ANCAP has published independent safety ratings for thousands of new vehicle makes models and variants. These independent safety ratings are used to compare the relative safety between vehicles of similar size and have become a critical factor in vehicle selection for private and fleet buyers.

ANCAP plays a vital role in not only informing consumers of the differences in the safety performance of new vehicles entering the Australasian vehicle fleet, but it also advocates for improved vehicle safety design and specification through public education campaigns, advocacy activities, and engagement with governments, corporate fleets, the media, and consumers.

ANCAP works within the Safe System principles. The Safe System approach recognises that people do make mistakes and that there are physical limits to the amount of force our bodies can take. Actions targeted to achieve safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe people can work together to achieve this aim.

ANCAP’s Strategic Objectives are focused around four key areas – to assess, influence, advocate and innovate - working with its members and partners to eliminate road trauma on Australian and New Zealand roads.

Both of the above steam-powered vehicles will be tested & assessed by ANCAP SAFETY, in various subsection monocoque structures instead of whole complete vehicles. This unique innovative approach will ensure that financial costs for this testing & assessment are kept to a minimum. Both of these truly masterful completed pre-production-ready prototype model vehicles will obtain & display the 5-star ANCAP SAFETY rating, which is the highest safety rating administered by ANCAP SAFETY. This awarded 5-star rating will emphasise the 'never seen before,' inherent safety features & benefits of these two extraordinary vehicles. It will also massively strengthen the appeal of these two vehicles to intending private, fleet, and/or Government purchasers. Car Safety Ratings | Car Safety | Crash Test Results | ANCAP


When intending to buy a new vehicle, consider models fitted with automated vehicle safety technologies, designed to assist with the task of driving & to reduce the chance and/or severity of a crash.

December 9, 2022.

Soon I will have a brand new website to replace the current herein website. The current herein website will operate until Jul 4, 2023. After this time, the current herein website will not function.

I will post the URL link to my new website here in this 'My e-Newsletter' page section as soon as it becomes available.

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As of today except for this 'My e-Newsletter' page section, all other page sections of my herein Business website will not be receiving updates & newly added content. My new above-mentioned Business website will also reflect these no-updates, no newly added content rules & will provide a much more simplified, less content, more streamlined, basic website appearance & an easier website navigation experience.

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December 11, 2022.

La Trobe Financial - La Trobe Financial judged Australia’s Best, 14 years in a row

Jeep parent company Stellantis blames EV costs for upcoming layoffs (msn.com)

One thing is certain, all exclusive, proprietary, innovative, fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless steam-powered vehicle models do not contain all of the basic expensive components of electric vehicles (EV's) mentioned in the link above, such as regular commonly installed electrical batteries, electric motors, inverters, etc. This alone ensures that all steam-powered vehicle models are designed, manufactured profitably, hence no personnel layoffs prevail & are affordable to the masses of the safe & selected world.

December 13, 2022.

According to the information I have received today, a typical car manufacturing plant produces 60 vehicles an hour or 1 vehicle a minute. In contrast, the envisaged new steam-powered vehicle development & production plant facility located in Sydney Australia is expected to produce one steam-powered vehicle model every 1 second or 60 times more than a typical car plant. This massive production rate increase is only possible by the exclusive proprietary robotics deployed within this plant facility & the management prowess of me the senior plant manager.

I have also received information today about a typical automotive electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plant facility utilising hundreds of miles of copper foil each day to manufacture these same vehicle electrical batteries.

One exclusive proprietary innovative quality feature of all fuel-free, self-charging 'batteryless' steam-powered vehicle models is that the traditional regular commonly installed electrical battery of today's automotive vehicles is not used, hence the no requirement for this copper foil. Instead, my ingenious basic invention & design of the 'batteryless' steam-powered vehicle models, ensures the benefit of a simple & cost-effective method to produce electricity from the one installed high amperage output 48 DC volt electrical charging alternator directly to all electrical circuits & components, not utilising a regular battery as in today's automotive vehicles. This will ensure that all steam-powered vehicle models are the only vehicles of their kind on earth not utilising a traditional electrical battery to provide electricity to their electrical circuits & components.

Production Facility | craig-e-whittington-international.biz

All of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) mentioned in the following link will provide a modern comprehensive up-to-date global classification of the vehicle design rules for all steam-powered vehicle models expertly designed in France Europe & meticulously manufactured in Sydney Australia.

Third Edition Australian Design Rules | Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts

December 21, 2022.

All relevant male only personnel appointments to be employed at the envisaged Sydney Australia development & production plant facility are managed by the human resources (HR) department of the possible confirmed licensee for the new steam car project located in France Europe.

All steam-powered vehicle service, repair & sales (new and/or used) appointments for the automotive master steam-powered vehicle dealership located in the Sydney facility complex are to be carried out preferably primarily online on the internet at a secure website available from the confirmed licensee.

Production Facility | craig-e-whittington-international.biz

December 23, 2022.

Merry Christmas 2022 & Happy New Year 2023 to all of my dedicated viewers since February 2013 which was when this herein website was launched. Soon there will be the link posted here for my new Business website, which is a much less content-orientated site than this herein website.

December 25, 2022.

New Quote

"It is always less risky to receive money paid for a product and/or service than to lend out money to a borrower to be repaid, which can be riskier."

December 28, 2022.

Below are the very latest additions to be added to the herein 'Blacklist' 'Blacklist' | craig-e-whittington-international.biz

1. Mr. James Kemsley, Deborah Hodge, Nicole Martin, Denice Fadkin, Carole Macdonald Thompson and Larter (thompsonlarter.com.au),

Mr. Matt Kean Matt Kean - Wikipedia, Mr. Michael Day, Jasmine Valvo, Sydney Australia.

2. Mr. Matt Walsh, Director WGroup Estate Agents Sydney Australia https://www.wgroup.com.au

3. Andreaa Mason, Romania Europe.

4. Nurila Mereibayeva, Kazakhstan.

5. Mr. Donald Trump Donald Trump - Wikipedia, Mr. Barack Obama Barack Obama - Wikipedia, Michelle Obama Michelle Obama - Wikipedia, Mr. Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin - Wikipedia, Charles III Charles III - Wikipedia, Mr. Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un - Wikipedia

Mr. Scott Morrison Scott Morrison - Wikipedia, Mr. Xi Jinping Xi Jinping - Wikipedia, Mr. Justin Trudeau Justin Trudeau - Wikipedia,

Mr. Joe Biden Joe Biden - Wikipedia, Prince Andrew Prince Andrew, Duke of York - Wikipedia, Penny Wong Penny Wong - Wikipedia

All entries to the 'Blacklist' are automatically excluded from any invitation only invitations to the 'Unveiling Ceremony' 'Unveiling Ceremony' | craig-e-whittington-international.biz

December 31, 2022.

Earl Nightingale- The have and the have nots. The formular and rules to success - YouTube

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My new Business website will not have the ability to be updated as the current herein Business website has been. Also, the herein 'My e-Newsletter' page section will not be available on this new website. The confirmed licensee for the new steam-powered vehicle project will have a special page section dedicated to all aspects & updates of this new steam-powered vehicle project on their corporate Business website.

Instead of keeping all relevant component, service suppliers, the confirmed licensee & sub licensees for the new steam-powered vehicle project updated here in this 'My e-Newsletter' page section on all relevant developments, I will instead keep them updated by E-MAIL after when this herein Business website will expire & cease to function from Jul 4, 2023.

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Will the world’s rush to adopt electric cars harm us in the long run? (msn.com)

All fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless steam-powered vehicle models are one of the only true reliable solutions to man-made global warming & climate change. Today's electric vehicles (EV's), if recharged using electricity that originates from a coal-fired electricity power producing station, require more coal to be burnt to reach the same energy output content as fossil-fuelled vehicles. This is solely because of the lower energy content of coal. This in turn makes climate change worse, not better!

Heat values of various fuels - World Nuclear Association (world-nuclear.org)

Tesla Driver Falls Asleep On Autobahn, Autopilot Drives For 15 Mins (msn.com)

One thing is for sure, all steam-powered vehicle models will never be fully self-driving vehicles such as seen in some of today's electric vehicles (EV's) on open roads, highways & freeways. The utmost vehicle safety always prevails in these steam-powered vehicles.

January 4, 2023.

Lead+the+Field_Sample+PDF.pdf (squarespace.com)

Jim Rohn: It All Starts With A Decision To Make A Change In Your Life - YouTube

January 6, 2023.

Home - (craig-e-whittington-international.com.au)

Please find above the link to my new revised Business website. The current herein website will operate until Jul 4, 2023. After this time, the current herein website will expire & cease to function, to be replaced by the above website.

January 9, 2023.

Can You Be Behind the Wheel of a Self-Driving Car While Drunk? (msn.com)

All steam-powered vehicle models will never be fully self-driving on a freeway or highway as seen in some of today's self-driving autonomous vehicles. Only in certain pre-defined emergency conditions, will all steam-powered vehicle models become self-driving or autonomous. All intending purchasers of any steam-powered vehicle models must comply with the following Purchase Conditions before completing their vehicle purchases: Purchase Conditions | craig-e-whittington-international.biz

January 16, 2023.

I did yesterday contact a leading mechanical design Engineering Company Organisation based & located in Finland Europe requesting their full mechanical design services for all steam-powered vehicle models. Upon confirmation that they are able to provide these services, an update to this effect will be noted here.

January 17, 2023.

"I Would Not Buy A Tesla Again": U.S. Tesla Owners Fume About Recent Price Cuts | ZeroHedge

All fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless, steam-powered vehicle models will never receive any price cuts or reductions & government subsidies. The sole paramount reason for this is because these extraordinary 'never seen before' vehicles all contain the latest, highest quality, leading, innovative, automotive industry technology, encompassing the utmost safety, pleasing, comfortable, time, money-saving driveability features, benefits, thus are for sure worth all of the amounts they are purchased for & not less than this.

All steam-powered vehicle sub licensee, the steam-powered vehicle master dealership to be integrated into the envisaged new steam-powered vehicle development, production plant facility in Sydney Australia, personnel provides exemplary, amiable customer service, due to their superior comprehensive industry-leading initial, ongoing training support from me & the confirmed licensee for the new steam-powered vehicle project.

January 18, 2023.

Britishvolt collapse should spark debate on whether it was actually needed (msn.com)

All fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless, steam-powered vehicle models do not rely upon any type of battery manufacturing plant or plants as mentioned in the link above.

January 19, 2023.

See what three degrees of global warming looks like - YouTube

January 24, 2023.

I did today contact a new different semiconductor (chip) designer, manufacturer based & located in Scotland UK (United Kingdom) Europe regarding the custom design & manufacture of automotive grade semiconductor chips for the steam-powered vehicle models onboard computer or computers. This yet-to-be-confirmed Company Organisation will replace the previously contacted Company Organisation based & located in Germany Europe.

January 25, 2023.

Norman Vincent Peale You can if you think you can - YouTube

January 26, 2023.

Flood-Damaged Cars From California Likely To Hit Used Market Soon | ZeroHedge

All steam-powered vehicle models do not allow deep-water driving above the standard road wheel diameter extremity of 16 inches (40.64 centimeters, cm) at the lowest level to the road surface because of the inherent risk of cabin water entry to the electrically operated onboard computer or computers resulting in their premature or imminent functionality failure. This prevention of deep water driving is made possible by the full surround surveillance system. This will ensure that the standard manufacturer's vehicle warranty for the onboard computer or computers & other vehicle electronics componentry is not voided by intentional deep water driving.

In an unintentional deep water ingress condition such as a vehicle stationarily parked & affected by rising flood waters, the full surround surveillance system will record this water ingress condition & thus will cause the voiding of certain sections of the vehicle manufacturer's statutory warranty, due to the possibility of the onboard computer or computers & other vehicle electronics componentry failing. The onboard infotainment system will record & display this water ingress notification.

The individual vehicle insurance policy will determine what if any cabin interior rising flood water ingress damage is covered.

January 31, 2023.

In the event that a steam-powered vehicle model is expired from or out of the manufacturer's statutory vehicle warranty and subjected to the above-mentioned deep water driving conditions, such as during a sudden heavy rain downpour or flooding event, the prevention of the vehicle driving into deep water will prevail as a goodwill safety gesture measure to avoid catastrophic permanent expensive water ingress damage to the onboard computer or computers & other electrical system componentry items.

February 02, 2023.

Biden Promotes EV Hummer That Pollutes More Than Gas-Powered Sedan | ZeroHedge

One thing is certain for all fuel-free, self-charging, batteryless, steam-powered vehicle models, no tailpipe emission pollution exists & due to no electric motor or motors used for the propulsion system, the mining of electric vehicle (EV) electrical battery & the electric motor propulsion system minerals is non-existent, thereby further negating pollution during these essential (EV) mineral mining operations.

The envisaged new innovative world-leading steam-powered vehicle development & production plant facility located in Sydney Australia will ensure any & all possible pollution emitted during the manufacture of these world-leading 'never seen before' vehicles are captured, minimised & maintained. This process will extend to all worldwide vehicle component, service suppliers & the complete vehicle value chain.

Value Chain: Definition, Model, Analysis, and Example (investopedia.com)

February 04, 2023.

Honda issues 'Do Not Drive' warning for 8,200 U.S. vehicles over air bag risks (msn.com)

All steam-powered vehicle models do not contain any form of airbags throughout. The sole reason for this is due to my ingenious invention & design technologies of these magnificent vehicles, namely the seat belt vest restraint systems & the entire vehicle monocoque chassis containing non-crumple zones. This will invalidate the time, money-wasting notifications, free vehicle towing, loaner vehicles & vehicle mobile repairs mentioned in the link above.