'My Smart Car, Exclusive Proprietary Features & Benefits'

Today's Day & Date: Wednesday the 2nd of November 2022.

Please read as following about the revolutionary proprietary AI (i.e., Artificial Intelligence) designed & manufactured in Germany Europe utilised within my new 'smart car' steam car invention & design:


* The four sliding side doors, two sliding rear doors with their respective door locks used with the eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), the two sliding side doors & rear hatch with their respective door lock & rear hatch lock assemblies used within the three-seater sports car coupe models, open, close & lock automatically all by themselves upon the detection of the driver and/or occupants of these two motor vehicles. This is accomplished by proprietary behavioural software encompassed in the above-mentioned AI, utilising biometric eye retinal scanning as the only access, entry & exit to these two & future steam-powered vehicles.

* The pre-heating of the one installed steam boiler, the installed interior heating & air conditioning systems is also achieved by the same AI. 


* No use or requirement of a key or a key fob device (i.e., Smart key).

* No 'app' (i.e., application) used on a smartphone mobile telephone, or cell phone to gain access, entry & exit to the vehicles.

* Only the actual registered driver and/or registered occupants of the steam-powered motor vehicles are allowed to gain access, entry & exit to the steam-powered vehicles. In other circumstances such as the need to allow emergency services personnel, passers-by, etc, access & exit to the steam-powered vehicle, this is permitted due to proprietary behavioural software integrated into the full surround surveillance system.

* Safe, secure access, entry & exit to the vehicles.

* No preprogramming of the above-mentioned features are required, as the AI independently & automatically all by itself achieves all of this.

* A proprietary separate & distinct identification 'hologram' embedded into the complete professional Worldwide standardised illuminated (illuminated during daytime & night time), vehicle front & rear registration plate, (also known as a number plate, license plate, or licence plate), which contains the yet to be announced Worldwide standardised or same trademark name of all of the new steam cars, allows the registered owner or driver of the steam-powered vehicle to be matched with this hologram. This matching allows seamless integration into the various different state-by-state, region by regions of the world, new vehicle registration, insurance, vehicle registration renewal, vehicle driver licence renewal or upgrade, in-vehicle 12-month mandatory minimal vehicle servicing interval requirement notification, to be serviced with the same or other authorised steam car dealership throughout the world who sold the brand new vehicle, with the in-vehicle ability to confirm or reschedule this servicing appointment & appropriate law enforcement authorities (for the sole purpose to record, transmit by video & audio any attempted vehicle theft, carjacking, road rage, alcohol, drink driving, drug driving to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in the country states or regions of the world where the steam-powered vehicles are to be driven).

In other words, if the vehicle registration, insurance policy, driving license are not valid, it is not possible for the registered owner and/or driver of the steam-powered vehicles to drive these never seen before revolutionary vehicles. This inability to drive is activated by the electronic self-locking of the four road wheel steam turbine assemblies & the four road wheel braking mechanisms. Upon the seamless integration of the vehicle registration, insurance & driving license data, if they are all valid, then the self-locking mechanisms are deactivated thereby allowing the vehicle to be driven in a forward or reverse direction.

Additionally, if the full surround surveillance system detects either the registered driver and/or occupants to be under the influence of alcohol and/or mind-altering drugs, this proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) electronically all by itself locks the four road wheel steam turbine assemblies & four road wheel braking assemblies, prevention either a forward or reverse motion of the vehicle. Only when an unaffected by alcohol and/or mind-altering drugs condition of the driver and/or occupants are detected & prevails are the four road wheel steam turbine assemblies & four road wheel braking mechanisms unlocked allowing a normal forward or reverse motion of the vehicle.

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Within all models of the new steam-powered vehicles is an exclusive, proprietary automotive-grade event data recorder (EDR) or also known as a 'black box.' This device is fitted as standard equipment, contains the following features & benefits:


1. This device is designed, manufactured, installed by the vehicle manufacturer & is unable to be disabled, allowing for continuous full surround surveillance of the vehicle whether stationary or in motion.

2. Due to the speed-limited functionality of all steam-powered vehicles driven on public or private roads, it is unlikely that a vehicle accident will occur. In the event that a vehicle accident has occurred, the (EDR) will record the vehicle speed, acceleration, deceleration, road conditions, turning directions, braking conditions & direction of travel.

3. Driver fatigue monitoring, by evaluating the eyes of the driver.


1. In the event of a vehicle accident, all relevant data recorded at 5 seconds before the impact of an accident is available to vehicle accident investigators & vehicle insurance companies. This data is available only from the vehicle manufacturer for these entities.

2. Exclusive proprietary behavioural software is encompassed into the vehicle's full surround surveillance system. Only in the event of suspicious activities inside & outside the vehicle does this system record these events as video & audio feeds. These suspicious activities are defined as anti-theft, anti-carjacking, anti-road rage, anti-alcohol, anti-drink driving, anti-drug driving. This data is recorded on the (EDR) & is available only from the vehicle manufacturer for law enforcement authorities.

3. In the event of driver fatigue detected from the eyes of the driver, this is also recorded in the (EDR). This is for the sole purpose to facilitate the cause or causes of a vehicle accident by an accident investigator.

4. In the event that driver fatigue has been detected as a result of eye monitoring, a warning light will flash repeatedly on the infotainment system & an audio warning will be activated, warning the driver about this condition & advise them to rest at a vehicle rest stop on the road travelled (if one is available). If the vehicle continues in motion while these two warnings have been activated, the eyes of the driver are noted to be evidence of fatigue & if the driver has not pulled over for a rest, then Level 2 vehicle autonomy is activated automatically all by itself to pull the vehicle over to the side of the road if safe do so. If it is not safe to do so at this time, then the vehicle is allowed to continue to be driven until the required safe condition exists.

5. If a medical episode is noted from the driver of the steam-powered vehicle detected by eye monitoring, Level 2 vehicle autonomy as described above in item number 4., is activated.

6. Even with an installed standard Global Positioning System (GPS) within the vehicle, this vehicle location data is not recorded on the (EDR).

7. To allow emergency, law enforcement personnel access, entry & exit to any of the new steam-powered vehicles, they must have their eyes scanned at applicable new steam car dealerships located throughout the safe & selected world.

8. At vehicle servicing intervals within steam-powered vehicle dealerships, the registered owner or driver of these vehicles depresses the Service button located on the steering wheel to allow the automotive technicians access to these vehicles. These automotive technicians do not have their eyes scanned to allow them access to these vehicles, because the registered owner or driver of these vehicles has previously had their eyes scanned allowing them access, entry & exit to their vehicle.

The vehicle infotainment system allows the automotive technicians to enter & update the vehicle service, repair history digitally. Upon the delivery of all brand new or used steam-powered vehicles, the sales personnel within the dealerships are able to enter these delivery details at the dealerships, which are seamlessly linked & displayed on the vehicle infotainment system providing the exact same delivery information that was entered at the dealerships.

This information is seamlessly linked to all new steam-powered vehicle dealerships.

When the vehicle has completed its visit to these dealerships, the registered owner or driver depresses this Service button one more time, which activates the lockout function for these automotive technicians, denying them access, entry & exit to these never seen before vehicles.

9. Tow truck drivers do not have their eyes scanned, thereby denying them access, entry & exit to these vehicles in the event of a vehicle accident or breakdown. If these vehicles require access, entry & exit during the course of a vehicle accident or breakdown, the owner or driver, law enforcement, emergency personnel are able to gain access, entry & exit, because they have previously had their eyes scanned at an applicable new steam-powered vehicle dealership.

10. In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown away from a steam-powered vehicle dealership, such as to be attended by personnel from a motoring organisation, the conditions as mentioned above in item number 7., applies; namely, the registered owner or driver depresses the Service button located on the steering wheel to allow these roadside assistance personnel access, entry, exit to these vehicles & then depresses it one more time to deny access or lock them out when their services are no longer required.

11. The traditional paper version of a vehicle owner's handbook or manual is not used for any of the steam-powered vehicle models. Instead, only a digital version is provided on the infotainment system. 

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Vehicle cruise control assist functionality explained

If the cruise control assist system has been activated by the driver of the steam-powered vehicle & during its operation, the brake pedal is depressed, the road speed limit changes to a lower road speed limit as detected by the full surround Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), an in-vehicle technology which attempts to read and interpret roadside traffic signs, if autonomous cruise control assist is activated, if any unsafe driving conditions exist, as detected by the full surround surveillance system, the cruise control assist system is automatically deactivated. Reactivation of the cruise control assist system can be accomplished by the driver input, only if the above conditions do not prevail.

The vehicle cruise control assist initial turn-on button functionality operated by the driver is located on the steering wheel. The vehicle cruise control assist can be turned off manually by the driver by depressing this button control one more time.

The autonomous cruise control assist functionality does not allow for a preset road speed, distance to the vehicle ahead or in front of the following vehicle. The required safe road speed & distance from the vehicle ahead is automatically determined by the vehicle electronics based on the road speed limit traffic signs & the recommended safe following distance at specified prevailing road speeds. To maintain the correct safe following distance & road speed; if necessary, the autonomous cruise control assist, automatically adjusts the prevailing road speed & the following distance, by automatically braking, accelerating & decelerating as conditions prevail. Under this autonomous cruise control assist functionality, the system is not turned on or off by the driver, but instead functions automatically according to the prevailing road conditions.

It is not a requirement for the driver to maintain the above example explanation of autonomous cruise control assist functionality, with the condition of keeping their hands on the steering wheel, although this is recommended.

Steam-powered vehicle doors, bonnet or hood, rear hatch & rear doors functionalities

Exclusive to all steam-powered vehicle models is the ability to open, close the doors, front bonnet or hood, rear hatch & rear doors automatically all by themself utilising the full surround surveillance system. Upon the indication from either the driver or occupants that they intend to open, or close these vehicle components, vehicle automation is initiated to fulfill these intended actions.

Vehicle hazard warning lights functionality

All steam-powered vehicle models do not contain a manually operated interior dashboard mounted vehicle hazard warning switch, but instead, the vehicle hazard warning lights are automatically activated utilising the same full surround surveillance system as mentioned above, to detect any safety hazard.

Upon detection of a vehicle and/or occupant safety hazard with the hazard warning lights activated, the full surround surveillance system determines the severity of the hazard. If emergency personnel are required in attendance at the scene, the appropriate local law enforcement and/or emergency services departments are automatically contacted without any human intervention required.

Full surround surveillance system operation explained

All steam-powered vehicle models do not use a camera, lidar or radar system in their Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) but instead an exclusive proprietary innovative 'never seen before' full surround surveillance system to detect, measure public & private road widths, as the only method to achieve vehicle lane centering assistance & lane keep assist. These measurements are compared & correlated against the actual vehicle model width to ensure satisfactory vehicle lane centering assistance & lane keep assist prevails.

Steam-powered vehicle lane centering assistance & lane keep assist do not ever utilise road lane or side markings to achieve lane centering assistance & lane keep assist, as all other car manufacturers do.

Paid vehicle subscription services

All steam-powered vehicle models do not adhere to any additional paid subscription services beyond the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of each vehicle. In other words, all exclusive proprietary innovative features & benefits of all steam-powered vehicles are standard equipment & thus do not require additional paid subscription services.

Facial recognition usage etc

All steam-powered vehicle models do not utilise any type of facial recognition and no monitoring of the driver's heart rate with specialised sensors.

Mr. Craig E. Whittington.