Today's Day & Date: Wednesday the 15th of February 2023.

Even though the title of this internal page section is 'Blacklist' I have done 'Good Deeds' to compile this 'Blacklist'

Please find as following the current blacklist of all individuals, businesses excluded, prevented, banned, blocked permanently forever more from the purchase of all my steam-powered vehicle models & electricity power-producing device apparatus inventions, designs worldwide, including any tours of the envisaged Sydney Australia development & production plant facility:

1. Mr. Geoff Sizer, Founder & CEO Genesys Electronics Design Genesys Electronics Design | Sydney Australia | PCB Assembly Design

2. Mr. Patrick Pace, Owner Pace Architects Pace Architects | Award winning architectural practice | Crows Nest |

3. Yvonne Bourne, Sydney Australia Bourne, Yvonne

4. Mr. Elon Musk Elon Musk - Wikipedia

5. Mr. Ken Helmick, President, Steam Automobile Club of America Steam Automobile Club of America | Steam Engines and More

The sole reason the individuals & businesses are added to this blacklist is their unorthodox behaviour, conduct towards me & in society as a whole. These listed individuals & businesses do not deserve to own, drive or operate my steam-powered vehicle models & electricity power-producing device apparatus inventions, designs worldwide. Whatever you sow you reap!

This updated blacklist is to be circulated to all certified new steam-powered vehicle sub licensee dealerships, all electricity power-producing station owners, operators Australia-wide, worldwide, including the envisaged Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia, the safe, selected world, to be integrated into 'The Exclusive New Steam Car, steam-powered vehicle development, production plant facility' located in Sydney Australia for their immediate attention & forceful blocking corrective action.

Production Facility

For the full updated list of entries to the 'Blacklist' please visit 'My e-Newsletter' | craig-e-whittington-international.biz December 28, 2022.

Mr. Craig E. Whittington.