'The Outstanding & Remarkable Content Of This Additional Centrepiece Section Noted Below'

Today's Day & Date: Sunday the 27th of November 2022.

I am currently awaiting to receive confirmation from the two below-mentioned component & service suppliers for the New Steam Car project, that they can provide to me the below-mentioned required highly specialised components & services:

(1). The Professional custom design only of the proprietary highly specialised five in total micro steam turbine assemblies (i.e., steam engines) for one of the new steam cars. One of the 'larger size' steam turbine assembly independently all by itself direct drives one of the four road wheels, with no conventionally fuelled engine, no hydrogen, no electric motor or no electric motors used for the propulsion system, no transmission or no gearbox (whether a manual or an automatic transmission or gearbox), no final drive or no differential unit & no tail shaft assembly used for their individual separate functionalities.

This equates to four 'larger size' micro steam turbine assemblies (i.e., steam engines) in total, with each one strategically positioned & mounted at each one of the four road wheel assemblies, used for each one of the new steam cars. The final fifth 'smaller size' micro steam turbine assembly (i.e., steam engine) direct drives (by way of an interconnected small drive flange gear pulley & interconnected rubber ribbed drive belt), the one 48 DC Volt very high amperage output capacity electrical charging alternator (i.e., for one steam car), so as to directly provide all electricity to the electrical circuits & components, not utilising a regular commonly installed electrical battery thereby becoming 'batteryless.' This final 'smaller size' micro steam turbine assembly (i.e., steam engine) is positioned & mounted at the front & centre of the new steam car, directly behind the condenser of the air conditioning system. This particular 'one of a kind' professional Company Organisation is based & located in Italy Europe.

(2). A professional accredited & suitably experienced Electronics Engineer to design the complete Electrical System for the Electrically Operated Automotive Passenger Motor Vehicle prototype, if & as necessary for the Electrically Operated Electricity Producing Steam Engine Assembly prototype, by travelling on-site to correctly wire up all electrical circuits, electrical alternator & the electrically operated heater & air-conditioning system etc & connect all components from the steam engine assemblies & the prototype to the test battery banks & correctly compile an electrical data specification presented to the custom designer, manufacturer & component supplier of the 48 DC Volt Engine Management System (EMS) or onboard computer & Digital Dashboard Assembly, located in Germany Europe showing the operating voltages, amps & amp hours (ah) required for the satisfactory operation of the electrically operated motor vehicle prototype. This particular 'one of a kind' professional Company Organisation is based & located in Germany Europe.

Upon these confirmations, from the above-mentioned two-component & service suppliers, they will be noted & highlighted here within this very special 'Additional Centrepiece Section,' solely because of their complete overall supreme prowess, skill & competence in the very large scope of the requested requirements in being able to provide to me what I require of them for the new steam car project, which greatly exceeds all other requested requirements within the entire component & service suppliers for the new steam car project.

**(Soon to be advised & announced here)**  

Thank you

Best regards

Mr. Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia).



As below you can read some common definitions or meanings from English Dictionaries for the rarely used English word 'Prowess'

'Skill or expertise in a particular activity or field, extraordinary ability.'