Here is my Personal Definition of Fact

Please find as below & following my very own independent definition or meaning of the very common English word Fact:

"The word fact means to me, to make sure I always obtain a relevant real consistent fact or facts on any given subject throughout the World before I attempt to come to any conclusion of this fact or facts within my life. Timely proven facts are what I & you need & I & you must only rely on to be fully 100% sure of any given situation and/or event presented or made available to us within our life.

It is not wise for any person to ever even once truthfully or rightfully or correctly rely on anything that has caught their attention or notice reported as a known proper proven fact. 

People of all walks of life throughout the World may or may not themselves interpret available information on any particular important pressing subject and/or event throughout the World as hearsay or possible hearsay.

I & you must instead only ever rely on a known fact or known facts from professional reliable consistent trustworthy sources that definitely know for sure 100% what they are referring to and/or are talking about. What does the word Fact actually mean to you?" 😉